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Beauty Forme - Facials
The Skin You Love to Live In

Our mission is to ensure our clients receive only the very best in customer service. Trust us with your skin and we will tressure it. We use the best possible skincare products to nurture and treat your skin and at BEAUTY FORME we promise that you get kissable skin you will love to live in.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in Europe and Australia, Gosia will ensure that your experience in our boutique Bondi Junction Salon is everything you are expecting and much, much more. We use only the very best skin care treatments — Medik8, Mesoestetic, and Algologie. Choose from one of our blissful treatments.

Initial 30-min skin consultation & analysis — $60

Redeemable upon purchase of products.

Algologie Facials

Algologie offers you a line of high performance, professional and natural marine based products. Maintaining beauty, preserving youthfulness and improving wellbeing is the philosophy of Algologie. Algologie continuous to move forward and utilise the richness of the sea. From traditional methods of yesteryear to the high technologies of today, Algologie has found its rightful place at the forefront of Beauty and Skin Therapy all over the world. We offer the following Algologie Facials at Beauty Forme:

This treatment will rebuild immune levels increasing oxygenation and blood circulation of the skin, therefore increases the skins metabolic functions. The skin becomes clear, radiant and balanced. Remineralisation is the first essential step. To achieve skin health up to 3 treatments may be necessary.

60 min – $99

For mixed to oily skins, this treatment will flush out impurities, absorb excess sebum and decongest clogged pores. Detoxifying is ideal for skins that have been exposed to poor health and environment while experiencing breakouts and clogging. The treatment combines mask infusion of nutrients to balance the elimination functions and promote cellular respiration.

60 min – $99

We will infuse the skin with moisture, increasing circulation and improving the penetration of vitamins, minerals, and oilgo-elements. Marine essentials hydrating retrains the cell structure to hold moisture, leaving the skin soft, supple and luminous.

60 min – $99

For dry skin and signs of poor texture. It is to improve cases of pigmentation due to sunburn, or over stressed dry skin and premature aging. Essential to repair damaged skin due to environmental aggressions, poor immunity and harsh conditions. This treatment reduces inflammation, stimulates micro-circulation, and activates the fibroblasts for the synthesis of collagen for a smooth complexion.

60 min – $99

Essential in maintaining a healthy skin. This facial contains all the necessary elements the skin needs to function at its optimal level. Oxygenating, repairing, firming and tones a healthy skin, and is indispensable for its maintenance.

60 min – $99

Recommended for delicate, sensitive skin showing signs of inflammation, redness, or irritation. This treatment will calm and soothe sensitive and reactive skins showing signs of inflammation and couperose. Its natural active ingredients not only soothe and calm, but also help strengthen the skins immune system against external aggressions, and works to re-educate the skins reactions to external irritants.

60 min – $99

For combination oily to oily skins, this is an effective anti-bacterial formula. Regulating oil production and the proliferation of bacteria working to remineralise and boost the skins immune system.

90 min – $155

Marine active ingredients help in neutralising the damaging effects of accelerated aging and environmental stress for skins no longer able to respond to usual intensive care. Combined pure concentrations of native Marine Blue Thistle Cells (protecting Collagen IV) with Native Marine Collagen Cells and Vitamin C become the driving force in combating all signs of skin ageing from 40 onwards.

90 min – $155

An express facial to give your skin a treat either when you are in a hurry, just starting out on skincare, or on a budget.

30 min – $65

The tissues that surround the contour of the eye are the thinnest and most delicate. Fine lines of dehydration and in-elastic tissue appear from an early age and are one of the first indications of ageing skin. Professional salon-only treatment is specially designed to fight against the ageing of the eye contour.This intensive treatment is 100% fragrance-free and combines nature and science, with specific massage movements and the latest, scientific active ingredients that help to reduce puffiness, visible signs of ageing and the superficial fine lines surrounding the eye contour area.

30 min – $60

Back facial gives you a fresh start for a clear ,smooth skin and helps deal with breakouts and skin problems.

45 min – $120